Saturday, February 4, 2012

Planned Parenthood is Boorish and Rude/Komen is a Coward

As somebody who spends a lot of time writing grant requests for a Catholic organization, I have to tell you, Planned Parenthood could use a bit of humility. No organization is ENTITLED to a grant. If an organization would like funding, it makes its case and hopes its goals, values and organization align with those of the foundation. How rude, boorish and unprofessional Planned Parenthood was when it was told "no." Instead of saying, "Thank you for funding us all these years, maybe in the future we can have a meeting of the minds," Planned Parenthood threw a tantrum and threw Komen under the bus.
It was nothing short of bullying to drag Komen through the mud for denying grants in amounts that total a fraction of 1% of Planned Parenthood's annual budget! 
When Komen stepped back from their "no" as a result of this bullying, they too lost credibility. How can you effectively advocate for women struggling to overcome breast cancer--who need all the strength, courage and fighting spirit they can muster--when you don't have enough backbone to say "no" and mean it? 

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